Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Gang Injunctions and Gentrification- The Truth

From a very interesting link:

A whole lot of truth. Those gangs were around for years, yet they only get injunctions when a new demographic is moving in? Like I said before, gentrification is not ethical, as it's ethnic cleansing (racism) in order to bring in a more upscale demographic (classism), and the gang injunctions are only implemented to protect the demographic that will make them money (racism and classism). This is why we need to move away from being focused on material possessions and status towards making sure that everybody has what they need unconditionally.


First map is of LA County, second map is of the Bay Area, and the third map contains gentrification data of every major city. Notice in the maps that the areas closest to the urban core and ocean are gentrifying rapidly, whereas the areas further away aren't.

Nothing wrong with hipsters or hip neighborhoods, it's that the way the existing low income residents are pushed out is just wrong, when they should reap the benefits of the development of their neighborhoods.

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