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The Consideration Cycle- In Depth

This is a in depth post on the Consideration Cycle, which was created by philosopher Dick Minnerly in an attempt to analyze the innate character of human beings. This philosophy is written about in extensive detail in his book Human Nature: A New Theory Of Psychology, which I have the eBook of. Astrology is the main method of determining the impulse patterns in his theory, which in my experience are very accurate.


Each planet has a logical and illogical charge. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune should have projective charges, or be in masculine signs, while the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto should have assimilative charges, or be in feminine signs. You will either express the planet's energy by projecting it outward or assimilating it inward, and you cannot do the opposite. Everybody on Earth has at least one illogical charge, hence why nobody is perfect.


The five systems are Will, Thought, Feeling, Judgment, and Power. Balanced and Projective charges are considered leftist, while Assimilative and Reversed charges are considered rightist. Projective charges are always both planets in masculine signs, and assimilative charges are always both planets in feminine signs, while reversed charges are always the opposite of the balanced charge. My impulse pattern is B+R-B, making me a Progressive in power and 60% leftist overall.

Will- Balanced Will is indicated by feminine Moon and masculine Saturn, as it's logical to assimilate your wishes and take in events as they are, yet project a plan of purpose to achieve those wishes. I have feminine Moon and feminine Saturn, but have balanced will because of the retrograde rules, making me a Planner in will, which I agree with.

Thought- Balanced Thought is indicated by masculine Mercury and feminine Uranus, as it's logical to project your personal principles, yet assimilate the implications of those principles. I have masculine Mercury, yet masculine Uranus as well, making me a Speaker in feeling. This resonates very well with me, as I naturally project my own ideas and principles, yet have difficulty assimilating the implications of those ideas.

Feeling- Balanced Feeling is indicated by feminine Venus and masculine Neptune, as it's logical to assimilate your affections, yet project your passions. I have the reversed impulse here, making me a Spectator in feeling, which I agree with as he describes this impulse as having a gatekeeper at the door of your feelings, and I've always had difficulty being affectionate, yet am very empathetic despite this, as feminine Neptune indicates innate empathy. For example, the Greatest Generation with Pluto in Cancer and Neptune in Leo didn't emphasize with the Pluto in Leos' need for individuality, while being compassionate, which I'll get to in the next paragraph.

Judgment- Balanced Judgment is indicated by masculine Mars and feminine Pluto, as it's logical to project your personal needs and a plan of action, yet assimilate the consequences of that action. I have feminine Pluto, yet have feminine Mars, making me an Altruist in judgment, and I concur with this, as assertion has always been an issue for me. Masculine Plutos don't assimilate the consequences of their actions, which makes them naturally uncompassionate. For example, the Pluto in Leos didn't assimilate the consequences of their greed, materialism, and desire for status, and are the main reason for the state of the world today as a result. This is in contrast to Pluto in Cancer, who gave their children, Pluto in Leos, the life they didn't have in the 1930s, and thus were compassionate. Feminine Mars indicates innate sympathy. Because of this, sympathy is personal, whereas compassion and empathy are generational. This does not mean that people who aren't naturally compassionate or empathetic are bad people or vice versa, as that depends on their their systems, as well as other astrological influences and most importantly, a quality upbringing (or lack thereof for naturally compassionate or empathetic people)

Power- Balanced Power is indicated by feminine Jupiter and masculine Sun, as it's logical to assimilate external power (the government, your boss, your parents, your teachers, God), but project your personal power. I have this impulse, making me a Progressive in power, which is a tolerant leftist, as feminine Jupiter indicates innate tolerance. In my research, masculine Jupiters are a common theme amongst the most extreme religious fundamentalists as well as the most extreme social justice warriors. People with masculine Jupiters are prone to judging people based on what they want them to be, rather than who they actually are, especially if their Pluto is also in a masculine sign. Once again, this is very accurate in my case, as I've always projected my own personal power, yet have always been tolerant of others. Masculine Suns are naturally leftist, or individualist, while feminine Suns are naturally rightist, or collectivist. This goes with the reputation of feminine signs being the conservative signs and vice versa.

Retrograde Rules

A planet has the charge of the following sign if it's at 29 degrees and 20 minutes (29'20) or later of the current sign, and direct. However, if that planet is retrograde and goes before 29'20 within 30 days, it has the charge of the current sign. Any retrograde planet at 0 degrees of its current sign will have the charge of the previous sign if it goes before 29'20 of the previous sign within 30 days. Any planet between 1 degree and 29'20 of a sign will have the charge of the current sign, retrograde or not. For example, I have Saturn at 0 degrees Capricorn, yet it's retrograde and goes to 29'19 Sagittarius within 30 days, so I have a projective Saturn charge in Sagittarius. I also have Venus at 29'39 Gemini, yet it's retrograde and retrogrades to the middle of the sign within 30 days, so I still have a projective Venus charge in Gemini. The only exception is the Moon, as the Moon has the charge of the following sign at 29 degrees and later due to its fast movement. The Moon and Sun are never retrograde, so anybody with the Moon at 29 degrees and later or the Sun at 29'20 and later will have the charge of the following sign, and anybody with both of them at 0 degrees will have the charge of the current sign.

How To Determine Your Charge

Here is an ephemeris of all the planets' positions for 9000 years:

However, creating your own natal chart is the preferred method, as the Moon moves very fast (changes signs every two and a half days). allows you to create a chart for free.

To put it shortly, the sooner we understand basic human nature, the better off we'll be. This is why I regularly promote this theory, along with Alan Lin's theory on political ideology in the natal chart, as this knowledge is invaluable and explains the reasons for our differences in extensive detail, and why nobody is perfect.

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