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Transitioning To The Aquarian Age- Invaluable Knowledge

This is a long post, but very important to read, as it's a collection of knowledge I've gained throughout my awakening journey that's gone on for nearly 4 years now (started in November/December 2013).


A human being's character and life purpose are all shown in their Natal chart, which is like the manual to your inner self. Most people think of astrology as your Sun sign, though that is only a piece of the puzzle. The planets:

Sun sign: Your basic personality, who you are at the core.
Moon sign: Your emotional nature and needs for security.
Mercury sign: The way you think and communicate.
Venus sign: Your value system and what you value in a partner.
Mars sign: Your ambitious nature and the way you express your energy.
Rising sign: The side of you that you show to strangers, your social mask.
Jupiter sign: Where you'll have the best luck, your sense of expansion.
Saturn sign: Your basic fears and limitations, as well as your sense of responsibility.
Uranus sign: Your generation's rebellious spirit.
Neptune sign: The image and ideals of your generation.
Pluto Sign: The main role of your generation.

The signs and what they represent:

Aries- Assertive, independent, prone to a bad temper.
Taurus- Sensual, stubborn, love comfort and the "good life".
Gemini- Inquisitive, talkative, playful, intellectual, curious.
Cancer- Patriotic, home and family oriented.
Leo- Proud, creative, warm, prone to arrogance and obsessions with status and attention
Virgo- Practical, intellectual, critical, handy, health oriented
Libra- Diplomatic, harmonious, loves beauty, prone to problems making up their mind
Scorpio- Sexual, loyal, deep, intense, penetrating mind
Sagittarius- Energetic, jovial, philosophical, religious, broad minded
Capricorn- Serious, ambitious, goal oriented, strict
Aquarius- Rebellious, humanitarian, aloof, eccentric, detached
Pisces- Sacrificing, dreamy, compassionate

Each astrological house is ruled in the order of these signs (Aries rules 1st house, Pisces rules 12th house).

Planetary Rulers of the Signs

Aries- Mars
Taurus- Venus
Gemini- Mercury
Cancer- Moon
Leo- Sun
Virgo- Mercury
Libra- Venus
Scorpio- Pluto
Sagittarius- Jupiter
Capricorn- Saturn
Aquarius- Uranus
Pisces- Neptune


The main indicators of our generations are the planets Pluto and Neptune. Your Pluto Sign represents the evolutionary intentions of your age group, as well as your age group's role in society and obsessions, while your Neptune sign represents the image of your age group and addictions. For example, the reason for the truth about how the world works slowly coming out is because the Pluto in Scorpio generation is coming of age, and Neptune in Capricorn is why the vast majority of Scorpio Plutos have a serious image. People born during a Pluto and Neptune sign will carry the influence of the time they were born for the rest of their lives. This is why people with Neptune in Capricorn can come off as entitled, being born in the materialism culture, and why people with Neptune in Aquarius are addicted to technology and social media, being born in the technology culture.

Signs Of The Times

Pluto in Cancer/Neptune in Leo- Roaring Twenties
Pluto in Cancer/Neptune in Virgo- Great Depression
Pluto in Leo/Neptune in Libra- McCarthyism, Korean War, fear of the "bomb", classical music dominant
Pluto in Virgo/Neptune in Scorpio- Civil Rights and Hippie Movements, Vietnam War protests, Summer of Love, Woodstock, Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll culture, classic rock and Motown dominant
Pluto in Libra/Neptune in Sagittarius- Roe vs. Wade, liberal divorce laws, wanting a "good guy" as president after Watergate scandal, rise of religious fundamentalism, disco, arena/progressive rock, and new wave music dominant
Pluto in Scorpio/Neptune in Capricorn- HIV/AIDS, Iran Contra, Gulf War, Panama Invasion, Berlin Wall demolished, LA Riots, Drug Wars, heavy metal, Grunge, and Rap music dominant, hair bands, materialism culture
Pluto in Sagittarius/Neptune in Aquarius- 9/11 and 7/7/05 terrorist attacks, Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Patriot Act, religious extremism, technology culture, boy bands, Nu Metal, emo, and Bubblegum Pop dominant, reality TV dominant
Pluto in Capricorn/Neptune in Pisces- Great Recession, Obamacare, Gay Marriage, government and big business corruption exposed, spirituality culture, GMO and climate change knowledge becoming mainstream, veganism

Generational Dates

Pluto in Cancer

September 11-October 20 1912
July 10-December 28 1913
May 26 1914-October 7 1937
November 24 1937-August 3 1938
February 7-June 13 1939

Pluto in Leo

October 7-November 24 1937
August 3 1938-February 7 1939
June 13 1939-October 19 1956
January 14-August 18 1957
April 11-June 10 1958 (all with Pluto in Virgo charge)

Pluto in Virgo

October 19 1956-January 14 1957
August 18 1957-April 11 1958
June 10 1958-October 4 1971
April 16-July 30 1972

Pluto in Libra

October 4 1971-April 16 1972
July 30 1972-November 5 1983
May 18-August 24 1984

Pluto in Scorpio

November 5 1983-May 18 1984
August 24 1984-January 16 1995
April 20-November 10 1995

Pluto in Sagittarius

January 16-April 20 1995
November 10 1995-January 25 2008
June 13-November 26 2008

Pluto in Capricorn

January 25-June 13 2008
November 26 2008-March 23 2023
June 10 2023-January 20 2024
September 1-November 19 2024 (all with Pluto in Aquarius charge)

Neptune in Leo

September 24-December 14 1914
July 19 1915-March 19 1916
May 3 1916-September 21 1928
February 19-July 24 1929

Neptune in Virgo

September 21 1928-February 19 1929
July 24 1929-October 3 1942
April 17-August 2 1943

Neptune in Libra

October 3 1942-April 17 1943
August 2 1943-December 24 1955
March 11-October 18 1956
June 15-August 5 1957 (all with Neptune in Scorpio charge)

Neptune in Scorpio

December 24 1955-March 11 1956
October 18 1956-June 15 1957
August 5 1957-January 4 1970
May 2-November 6 1970

Neptune in Sagittarius

January 4-May 2 1970
November 6 1970-January 18 1984
June 22-November 21 1984

Neptune in Capricorn

January 18-June 22 1984
November 21 1984-January 28 1998
August 22-November 27 1998 (all with Neptune in Aquarius charge)

Neptune in Aquarius

January 28-August 22 1998
November 27 1998-April 4 2011
August 4 2011-February 3 2012

Neptune in Pisces

April 4-August 4 2011
February 3 2012-March 30 2025
October 23 2025-January 26 2026 (all with Neptune in Aries charge)

9000 year ephemeris to determine degrees (will be important in a few categories from this one):

Generational Characteristics

Pluto in Cancer/Neptune in Leo- Family oriented and patriotic, yet are very warm.
Pluto in Cancer/Neptune in Virgo- Family oriented and patriotic, yet are extremely focused on work and purity.
Pluto in Leo/Neptune in Libra- Very creative, self expressive, and prideful, idealize a peaceful world.
Pluto in Virgo/Neptune in Scorpio- Extremely work and health oriented, idealize inner power and darkness (this generation were the heavy metal and Grunge musicians).
Pluto in Libra/Neptune in Sagittarius- Very relationship and justice oriented generation that thrives on new experiences.
Pluto in Scorpio/Neptune in Capricorn- Very deep generation that maintains a serious image.
Pluto in Sagittarius/Neptune in Aquarius- Very philosophical generation that idealizes a technological society.

Generational Appearances

Pluto in Cancer/Neptune in Leo- Domesticated look with a warm image.
Pluto in Cancer/Neptune in Virgo- Domesticated look with a puritan image.
Pluto in Leo/Neptune in Libra- Glamorous look with a harmonious image.
Pluto in Virgo/Neptune in Scorpio- Technical/handyman/puritan look with an intense image.
Pluto in Libra/Neptune in Sagittarius- Diplomatic/Model look with an exotic image.
Pluto in Scorpio/Neptune in Capricorn- Deep look with a serious image.
Pluto in Sagittarius/Neptune in Aquarius- Free look with an electric image.

Pluto in masculine signs gives masculinity to the appearance while Pluto in feminine signs gives depth to the appearance. Neptune in feminine signs gives the native graceful facial features, while Neptune in masculine signs gives the native harder facial features.

No Pluto in Capricorn/Neptune in Pisces for the last two, as they're still being born so it's too early to describe them in any way.

Consideration Cycle

The Consideration Cycle, according to philosopher Dick Minnerly, is based on five categories: Will, Thought, Feeling, Judgment, and Power. Balanced Will is feminine Moon and masculine Saturn, Balanced Thought is masculine Mercury and feminine Uranus, Balanced Feeling is feminine Venus and masculine Neptune, Balanced Judgment is masculine Mars and feminine Pluto, and Balanced Power is masculine Sun and feminine Jupiter. Reversed is both planets being in the opposite gender of the Balanced impulse, while Projective is both planets in masculine signs, and Assimilative is both planets in feminine signs. Assimilative and Reversed impulses are "rightist", while Balanced and Projective impulses are "leftist". My impulse pattern goes like this: B+R-B, which also makes me a Progressive in power and 60% leftist overall because of balanced and projective impulses in three of the five categories. Those with masculine Sun signs are leftist and those with feminine Sun signs are rightist according to this theory, though another theory is more accurate when it comes to determining the actual ideology, though those with masculine Sun signs do have less conservative characters and vice versa. In this theory, Balanced Power makes you a Progressive, Projective Power a Radical, Assimilative Power a Liberal, and Reversed Power a Conservative.


According to the theory, innate compassion is indicated by Pluto in feminine signs. Since Pluto is a generational planet, this means that innate compassion is generational. The naturally compassionate generations alive today are 1912-1939, 1956-1972, 1983-1995, and 2008-2024. While this doesn't mean that everybody born outside of these years is a bad person, it is very interesting, as many of the US politicians are from the Pluto in Leo generation. Donald Trump, the Clintons, the Bush brothers, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, John Edwards, Al Franken, Russ Feingold, Lincoln Chafee, Sherrod Brown, Richard Blumenthal, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Claire McCaskill, Rosa Delauro, Marcia Fudge, Nydia Velasquez, Maxine Waters, Richard Blumenthal, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Joe Lieberman, Al Gore, Dan Quayle, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Carly Fiorina, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, Rick Perry, Paul Manafort, Stephen Bannon, Mike Huckabee, Michele Bachmann, Dick Cheney, John Cornyn, Bob Corker, Roger Wicker, Mike Enzi, Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Lisa Murkowski, Steve King, Todd Akin, Jim Demint, Louie Gohmert, Lynn Westmoreland, Cynthia Lummis, etc. Most of those names make up a good list of the GOP and Democratic "establishment" politicians. Many of the infamous serial killers are from Pluto in Leo as well, such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Dennis Rader, Larry Eyler, Kenneth Bianchi, William Bonin, William Suff, Randall Woodfield, Judy Buenoano, Anthony John Sully, etc. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is also from this generation, as are many of the richest people in America, such as Bill Gates, David Koch, the Walton family, and Larry Ellison to name a few. Former dictator Hugo Chavez was also from this generation. The Pluto in Gemini generation produced Joseph McCarthy, Thomas Dewey, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Dwight Eisenhower, as well as many of the world's dictators and mobsters, as Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Al Capone, and John Dillinger are all from this generation, while this generation were parents when corporal punishment and castor oil were considered normal punishments. Notable Pluto in Libra politicians include Chris Murphy, Tulsi Gabbard, Mia Love, Kyrsten Sinema, Elise Stefanik, and Kristi Noem. Ted Cruz has the Pluto in Libra charge because of the retrograde rules, which I'll get into shortly. Jared Kushner also has Pluto in Libra.


According to the theory, innate empathy is indicated by Neptune in feminine signs. Since Neptune is also a generational planet, this means that the naturally empathetic generations alive today are 1928-1943, 1955-1970, 1984-1998, and 2011-2026. Since the people born during these years tend to also have Pluto in the same gender as Neptune, this means that the people born with innate empathy will also have innate compassion, and vice versa. The only exception is the 1914-1929 generation, which had Pluto in Cancer and Neptune in Leo. These people grew up during the Great Depression, and when they had their kids in the 40s and 50s, the Pluto in Leo/Neptune in Libra generation, they were compassionate in that they gave their kids a life that they didn't have during the Great Depression, yet didn't emphasize with their kids' need for individuality, which was a reason why their kids rebelled in such a fashion. However, while the Neptune in Libras also lack empathy for the situation their kids are coming of age in, their thirst for status and being better than their parents (Pluto in Leo) is a big part of the reason why the US, as well as the world itself, is in its current situation, thus showing a lack of compassion. Bob Dole, JFK, George HW Bush, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and Bobby Jindal are notable politicians with innate compassion, but no innate empathy, and Fidel Castro also had this. Henry Kissinger also has it.

This confirms the conflicting reports about empathy and compassion, in that some people are born with them, while others are not. Just because you weren't born with these qualities does not mean that you can't develop them, and vice versa, as Jeffrey Dahmer, Joseph Stalin, Richard Ramirez (the Night Stalker serial killer), and Saddam Hussein were born with both innate empathy and compassion, yet were far from saints. Raising your children the right way is extremely important.


According to the theory, innate sympathy is indicated by Mars in feminine signs. Because Mars is a personal planet, unlike empathy and compassion, innate sympathy is personal. People who have Mars in a masculine sign can overcome this, especially if they have innate empathy and compassion and are raised right.


According to the theory, innate tolerance is indicated by Jupiter in feminine signs.  This means that people are naturally tolerant every other year on average. In my research, the most extreme religious fundamentalists, as well as the most extreme social justice warriors tend to have Jupiter in masculine signs, though a certain placement that doesn't have to do with this theory also plays a role.

Retrograde Rules

If a planet is at or beyond 29'20 of the current sign, then it technically has the charge of the following sign. However, if it retrogrades past 29'20 of its current sign within 30 days, then it keeps the charge of the current sign. Any retrograde planet at the 0 degree mark of the current sign will have the charge of the previous sign if it retrogrades past 29'20 of the previous sign within 30 days. Any planet between the 1 degree mark and 29'20 mark will have the charge of the current sign, retrograde or not. For example, someone born with Mars at 29'25 Libra and direct will be naturally sympathetic as a result of Mars having the Scorpio charge. The Moon is the only exception, as it has the charge of the next sign at 29 degrees or beyond of the current sign, due to its fast movement.


According to astrologer Alan Lin, innate ethics are indicated in the natal chart by a "Defensive Pallas" pattern. Defensive Pallas is determined by Pallas and/or its ruler in aspect to the Sun and Mercury, and in conjunction/trine to the North Node. Aggressive Pallas is indicated by Pallas and/or it's ruler in aspect to Pluto, hard aspect to Jupiter, and in conjunction/trine to the South Node. Most of our politicians today have Aggressive Pallas, and an aggressive Pallas can also be an indicator of a lack of tolerance, especially hard aspects to Jupiter, as this hints at a desire to make their world view the law.


In Lin's research, liberals have Venus and the Moon (and/or their rulers and natural houses and designs, Taurus and Cancer and the 2nd and 4th houses) in aspect to Neptune and conjunction/trine to the South Node, as well as the 12th house and sign of Pisces (when not overcome by conservative indicators). Venus in aspect indicates fiscal liberalism, while the Moon in aspect indicates cultural liberalism. This is very accurate, as nearly all the Democratic politicians and Hollywood celebrities have this pattern, as well as myself.


Also in Lin's research, conservatives have Venus and the Moon (and/or their rulers) in conjunction/trine to the North Node, as well as the 2nd and 4th houses and the signs of Taurus and Cancer (when not overcome by liberal indicators). Venus in aspect indicates fiscal conservatism, while the Moon in aspect indicates culturasl conservatism. Unlike liberals, who tend to have fluid Venus and fluid Moon, conservatives tend to have either solid Venus or solid Moon, though some have both, like Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Michele Bachmann. However, unlike liberals, conservatives often have a different astrological pattern than what they portray themselves as, which is prominent amongst members of the GOP elite, like Donald Trump. Left wing economic indicators in a conservative's chart, with aggressive or mixed Pallas aspects, can indicate fascism, as this pattern is also in the chart of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. People who are true conservatives rarely have it in them to be someone they're not, unlike Piscean liberals (Pisces rules illusions).

Unlike Minnerly's theory, this theory has a much higher success rate, as it's clear from my experiences that people on the left tend to be leftist both economically and socially, while it's quite common for people to be on the right for one reason, whether it's economics or social issues. Lin's theory is a very accurate method of determining who's naturally liberal and naturally conservative, as well as if the people in question are naturally ethical. This theory is why it's pretty much impossible to change someone's political point of view, which means that the divide and conquer efforts of the elite to put leftists against rightists is nothing more than a psyop designed to keep humanity distracted from the real enemy. Minnerly's theory does show that people with feminine Sun signs have more conservative personalities, though that doesn't necessarily make them politically conservative.

With all this knowledge, there's no reason why astrology shouldn't be taught in public schools, and there's no reason why natal charts for each baby aren't provided at hospitals. Since Uranus, which rules Aquarius, also rules astrology, expect this to happen in the coming years.

Universal Basic Income

Our current economic systems are outdated and are clearly for the purpose of making us "wage slaves" to the elite. With this knowledge emerging to the surface, as well as Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, a new economic system is needed that's in humanity's best interests, and the Universal Basic Income is that. It is a fixed amount per month that is given to everybody 18 and over, which in turn increases the quality of life for everyone. The benefits:

More freedom (having to be enslaved to the elite in order to survive and have a roof over your head isn't true freedom, while being immoral)
Work/family life balance (if the person chooses to work. Freedom is the key here)
Higher wages and better working conditions for people to work, as work will be a choice rather than a necessity
Less crime and safer neighborhoods (high crime areas are in the poorest neighborhoods, with UBI, they will inevitably improve)
If you save up, you can have a VERY comfortable life
Less programs (with UBI, there's no point in food stamps, disability, SSI, retirement, etc.)

The positives far outweigh the negatives. The current system, which encourages greed, has no juice left anymore, especially with the Pluto generations in the 2nd half of the zodiac (which are about the collective), Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, coming of age and the Pluto in Leos losing relevance. A new system isn't a preference, it is a must.

Universal Single Payer Health Care

Along with income, health care should also be single payer for everyone. Like the current financial system, the current health care system is also immoral, as staying healthy and being well should be unconditional and not have to be purchased. With the current Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus transits, the current health care system has no juice left anymore, and as a result, needs to be changed. Being healthy should be a RIGHT, not a privilege you have to earn.


For close to 40 years, the Republican Party, also known as the GOP, has been known as the "Christian party". Despite not passing any law that fits Jesus' teachings in that timeframe, evangelical Christians are still a large force in the GOP today. Advice to evangelical Christians: You are being duped into voting against your best interests and in the best interests of the wealthy, who are only getting richer at the expense of the poor. If Jesus was alive today, he would be very disappointed in you, as he never said a word about abortion and gay marriage, yet constantly preached against people who oppress the poor. By voting for Republicans, you are responsible for this and are indirectly supporting this, and are going against Jesus' teachings.


Religions are just another method of division and fear-based mind control. Follow the doctrine, or else you'll burn in hell for eternity. Only people within your religion will be saved. When you think about it, it's quite crazy and sounds no different than any other cult. The only religion that matters is love, and that's what Jesus preached. The GOP's Christian agenda means nothing when they support cutting programs that our neediest citizens depend on in order to support wars and tax cuts for the wealthy. Notable is that the Illuminati is run by Zionist Jews, notably the Rothschild family, and the God of the Old Testament, who is vengeful in nature and is involved in human sacrifice, is the central figure of Judaism. Judaism temples worship on Saturday, which means "SatURNday". Saturn has a strong resemblance to "Satan", which is interesting. The OT God is often said to be Enlil of the Anunnaki, who are said to have created humanity as a hybrid slave race. This explains the current economic system and why we don't look like the other animals.


Our education system is basically an indoctrination system that trains our children how to be economic slaves from a young age. The typical school day is laid out very similarly to a work day. Get up early, be there 5 days a week for 7-8 hours, with a lunch break. And rather than making sure the kids are learning something, they get letter grades that are dependent on how well they do their work. There's a reason why Rockefeller said he wanted a nation of workers rather than thinkers. Our education system needs to teach our children ALL of America's history, not a version that makes the elites look good, as well as human nature, including astrology. If you're not going to need it in everyday life, it shouldn't be taught in public schools and should be taught at schools specializing in that subject, or at home. Who uses algebra in everyday life?

Financial System

Like I said in the Universal Basic Income section, our financial system is designed to enslave humanity to the elites, by creating money they have to earn by working in order to survive. This goes on for around 40 years, until the age where they're too old to be useful for the elites anymore, which is when they'll be eligible for retirement. Once again, extremely immoral, as humanity is basically being treated like a battery that the elites feed off of. Also notable is that the money supply is controlled by the Rothschild family, which is one of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines. One family should not have control over the world's money.

The Media

All the major media outlets are controlled by the elites, and aimed at either our innate liberals (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC) or our innate conservatives (Fox News, Rush Limbaugh). Even with the point of view differences, all these news outlets are still in favor of the current system, and thus are untrustworthy, which is why alternative media is on the rise.

Controlled Opposition

A lot of the alternative media outlets are controlled opposition, most notably InfoWars, NPR, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Alternet,, Breitbart, and Daily Mail. They all aim at a certain political demographic, and aside from InfoWars (which has the cube in its logo, which is Illuminati symbolism), which aims at a Libertarian demographic, they're only against the opposing party. Both the GOP and Democratic parties are controlled by the elites, and the "establishment" members of each party have thrown up the Illuminati hand signs, signifying their alliance.

All of this knowledge is invaluable during this time period, which in my other blog I describe as the 7 year tribulation that's mentioned in the Bible, which is the period before humanity is "raptured" into the new era that will be in humanity's best interests (there are also a lot of false prophets out there, mainly the evangelists on TV and the Religious Right politicians, as they don't preach Jesus' true message). Pluto will enter Aquarius at that time, technically starting the Aquarian Age, which this blog is named after. If you research astrotheology you'll understand the symbolic messages of the Bible a lot better. We are currently in a transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, which is why there's so much friction and discord right now, as the dark forces are not going to go away without a fight.

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